Park Griffon

Animal and leisure park


plan parc jepgPark Griffon offers you the opportunity to discover a variety of animals.
For each species, a simple notice details the history of each of the animals that you will see : small ones, big ones, some from afar, those which you can cuddle...

You will find all the animals on the map.

From the very small to the bigger ones...

  • pigeon peacocks : white like a dove, elegant like a peacock. It is a simple, delicate and proud bird.
  • ouessant sheep : a small sheep which seems fragile but is in fact quite robust. 
  • alpacas : he only spits when he is angry...
  • anglo-nubienne goats : he has droopy ears like a rabbit and enormous feet, it is a very large goat.

Pigeon PaonMouton ouessant AlpagaChèvre Anglo nubienne

Those which come from afar...

  • Highland cow : a calm beast of unparralled beauty, originally from Scotland but minus the kilt.
  • Camel : he has crossed the Mediterranean to join our lovely sunny area of Aquitaine.
  • Sicilian goat : she does not speak with her hands nor does she have a suntan despite her Sicilian origins.
  • lama : habitué aux paysages montagneux, on peut tricoter des bonnets péruviens avec sa laine !

Vache HighlandDromadaireGirgentanaLama

And those you can cuddle !

  • Dwarf rabbit : long haired, droopy ears, different colours...rabbits ready to be cuddled.
  • Dwarf goat : mischievous, curious and very greedy, they love being scratched under the chin !
  • Indian duck : a bit timid but very amusing to watch waddling along.
  • Gottingen pig : smart and affectionate, very amusing.

Lapin nain bélierChèvre naine Canards coureurs indiensCochon gottinger